Sunday, July 15, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

My husband has been gone for over 5 months. Five long, long LONG months. Well guess what?

He is coming home this week. I can't say when. I can't say what time. You are not allowed to talk about troop movement...although it is just him so maybe it doesn't matter....

My hubby and I on the day he left :(

Not one to take any chances, I will just say this week.

Now while life has been anything but easy with him gone, there is a benefit...dinners.

My kids would be happy to eat pizza or pancakes or macaroni and cheese every single night, my husband... not so much. Hard to believe, I know.

I need to start really, really planning my meals again. Making sure there is plenty of variety, man friendly and family friendly food.

I am so excited to have family dinners again. To share our day around the table.

Right now I am perusing all my cookbooks, looking through my pantry & freezers/stockpile etc.

So here is my plan for the week....

B: eggs, biscuits & sausage,
D: homemade "beefaroni" salad, baby carrots

B: cereal & fruit
D: crockpot enchilada chicken, corn on the cob, rice

B: waffles (from the freezer)
D: eat out

B: cereal/leftovers
D: salmon, pasta slad, fruit

B: muffins and smoothies
D:grilled chicken & hamburgers/hot dogs, potato salad

B: pancakes, bacon etc (we always do big b-fasts on Saturdays so I can put some away for the week)
D: leftovers/pizza

What about you? What are you having this week? If you have no idea...go over to OrgJunkie and look at all the other menus people have shared!

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Melinda said...

How exciting that your husband is coming home!
Thanks for sharing your menu plan.

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