Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekly Family Update

Because I am no longer keeping up my old blog, "Maries Hectic Life" I have decided to do a nice family re-cap on Sundays so that I can share about the other things going on in our lives...

Harmony- This girl is growing up way too fast. I can't believe she will be a teen, next month :( Where has the time gone? She loves foreign languages, writing, reading, drawing, watching anime...She has so many amazing talents and I am so in aw of her. Is she perfect? No, but she is pretty stinkin' cute. We did a "girly" shopping trip and she has a new favorite store...World Market. How many teenagers have a home goods store as their favorite place to shop?!

Ethan- This kid is video-game obsessed. Seriously. It is hard to drag him away...but this week I did. Tuesday was hot. And I got some bad news. And some friends of ours moved in and we were keeping their kids entertained. So we went to the pool. That night he went swimming for Scouts. Wednesday we went swimming for playgroup. Friday evening, some friends took the 4 older kids swimming. He spent a lot of time in the pool!

Connor- He is just the cutest kid. A Lego maniac. An awesome big brother to Mason. He found himself grounded this week after throwing a fit about having to clean up. The next day however, he was very sweet and helpful. Did he learn his lesson? Only time will tell I guess. He is bummed to be missing Cub Scout camp this week. I had planned to be in OR/WA for the summer and so I didn't sign him up. Hmmm, maybe next year...

Ivan- "Is it Wednesday, Mom?" "Its July, right?" I have been answering these and similiar questions for a few weeks now. Why? Because Ivans favorite show, is coming back for the summer. Lego Ninjago. He has been watching all of the first season episodes over and over and over... Ivan is such a funny kid and just cracks me up. He threw a huge fit about me taking him to Costco vs Sams Club and informed me, " I am assuming you won't be taking me here again." Sometimes I don't know whether to laugh or wash his mouth out with soap!

Mason- just turned three! I can't believe how big my baby is getting! He is a typical 3 year minute he is as happy as can be...and the next, he is whiney and pouting. He has turned into a bossy little thing and we have a hard time not cracking up when he tells someone to "go on timeout" or that we are "bad boys/girls". He has been having a ton of fun playing with his friend Brian and having playdates with him. They are so cute playing together!

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