Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Family update

Last week I mentioned that I wanted to start doing a weekly family update. With everyone off doing various things, now is the perfect time to share.

I found out last week that Ben would be returning on the 18th, but wasn't allowed to say anything online. Some people knew through phone calls/emails/texts etc but for the most part, no one knew.

We spent most of the weekend, and Monday and Tuesday preparing for him to come home.

My friends husband was also coming home on the same flight. Unfortunatley, they were arriving at LAX at 7:00 which would put us in LA traffic at 5:00. Yuck, sooo not happening.

Instead we decided to eat an early dinner at a nearby mall. Besides running into some traffic, everything was smooth sailing. We were doing great on time. No one spilled dinner all over themselves. We were doing good.

Until we left the mall parking garage. I was following my friend when she broke the cardinal rule about someone following you..."don't run a yellow" especially when it is a left turn. I completely lost her. Even worse, I hadn't bothered to look up directions for myself, because I was the one following.

We went the wrong way. Harmony gps'ed it for me and we had to turn around. Then we got a little mixed up near the airport. Then we had to find our parking garage. Then we had to find where to go. We ran around like crazy, with me freaking out the whole time, when my friend called to say that they had landed and where was I?

You guessed it, I started to cry. :( I had wanted soo badly to be there. We went to baggage claim, and the next thing I see is Ben walking towards the doors. More tears. We laughed, hugged, cried...and all was right in the world.

After getting all the bags but one, he was told one of his bags was on a different flight coming in within a few minutes. So we all waited very patiently for the bags...

We finally got everything, had crossed the insanely busy crosswalk at the airport, when Ben turns to me and says, "oh yeah, Happy Anniversary".

Yep, it was our 14th wedding anniversary. We were so excited to be together. It was the best anniversary gift I could have asked for!

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