Monday, July 9, 2012


One of the questions that I get, CONSTANTLY, is how to save money on produce. I will admit, coupons for FRESH produce, are few and far between.

Yes there are coupons for canned and frozen varieties, but not so much.

Normally my number one advice is to plan your meals around what is on sale that week. If apples are on sale, have apples instead of grapes. Grapes are a good deal? Then don't go with oranges this week. Right?

Well I just found an amazing resource for produce. I am soooo excited about it! I had heard but never tried it for myself, that the .99 store had great produce.

I happened to be there yesterday, and walked by their produce section. I grabbed 2 packages of roma tomatoes (8 in each), a bag of spinach, 2 bags of grapes, 3 pints of strawberries and 2 ginormous cucumbers.

They are all yummy and high quality. That spinach and tomatoes made a very yummy BLT (or would it be a BST?)  So exciting.  If you have a .99 store or similar, with fresh produce, give it a chance! Next up, maybe I will try their steaks next...or not. Hmmm...

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