Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Determination When Ethan (my 11 year old) gets an idea in his mind, he is not going to be deterred.

It is great....and a tad annoying. Whenever he wants to earn money for something, he is so young that the only thing he can do is work for me. Every day, no matter what I am doing, its, "Mom, do you have any jobs I can do?". Following me around begging me for jobs he can do.

He is a hard worker and doesn't want to wait. At all.

He had about $15 saved for a Pokemon DS game. He is his Mothers son because...

1. He saved every penny, nickel etc. that he found.
2. He bought it pre-owned to get a discount.
3. He didn't add anything on (a Pokewalker) which would have upped his cost.
4. He sold back some of his old games.

So with all this, he was still short by about $10. Then, out came the big guns...

"Mom, if I clean out both freezers in the garage, would that be enough work to cover the rest of the cost?"

He knew it was something I needed and wanted done. I said yes. In the 80* heat, he went out in the garage and got busy.

His hard work paid off...he got his game. And now I no longer have a shadow following me around every where saying, "Can I have a job Mom? Can I have a job?"

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