Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dumpster Divin'

Have you ever dumpster dived?

Big swallow...I have. I confess. Only three times.

Once on Guam, a neighbor put an awesome wicker basket on top of her trash. It still had the tag on it. I was honestly not sure if it was trash or she had set it there. I waited. I watched them walk past it a few times. No one moved it. When it was dark...I snatched it. And guess what? I still use it

Another time, my husband was putting the trash out, when he saw a shelf in our neighbors trash. He brought it inside, fixed it up and...we still use it

The other time was just the other day. However, it wasn't a trash can.

Near our Target, there is a donation bin. I was dropping some items off. One of the bins wouldn't close all the way.Kind of like a library book drop off bin. I opened it to see if something was stuck in there...and right on the door was 2 pairs of shorts.

They are 5T, which my son is still a little too small for, but hello adjustable waists! These were Old Navy and great quality. So...I snatched them. I did. I confess. My son who was with me, told me he would never tell.

What do you think, if you had been in the same situation, would you have grabbed them?

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