Wednesday, February 20, 2013

11 reasons

Yesterday was my husbands 35th birthday...and today is my son Connor's 11th birthday!! Born at 12:15am he just barely missed sharing a birthday with his Dad.

So here it is, 11 reasons why I love my 11 year old....

1. He has the sweetest heart
2. He is kind to everyone
3. He is a master Lego builder

4. He is very smart
5. He is a voracious reader
6. He is a total gentleman
7. He looks after his Mother :)

8. He loves to get dressed up
9. He is my little meat-atarian
10. He loves music and loves to dance
11. He hates that he is so skinny, but he is so handsome that it doesn't matter

Happy Birthday Connor! I love you a ton kiddo!!

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