Tuesday, February 5, 2013

14 days of Love...contd.

I got a little behind over the weekend, posting some of my ideas for the 14 days of Love. So here they are...

Day 2:

Ben: A box of Milk Duds, with a note that says, " I am so glad I didn't marry a DUD" (OK it was a little lame but...whatever!)

The Kids: Got a bag of gummy bears that said, "My life would be un BEARable without you!"

Day 3:

Ben: I bought this little tin from Target, so it was pretty easy! It is a tin full of green gummy frogs that says My Prince. Then of course I had to add, "I had to kiss a lot of frogs before I found my prince."

The Kids: I filled a little paper chinese takeout box with a $1 bill and $2 in change. Their note said, " I wouldn't CHANGE a thing about you!"

(They LOVED getting money!)

Day 4:
Ben: Since he has class tonight, I wanted to give him something to snack on that wasn't candy! I got some jerky from Sams with a note that says, " I am so glad that you love me, even when I can be a little JERKy". (Kind of another lame one but...)

The Kids: Word Search puzzle books that say, "Some of the things you do can "PUZZLE" me, but I can't help loving you!"

Have you been doing anything for your kids every day? It can be a lot of work, but I love seeing their faces when they see the flag on their mailbox is up. I love that my hubby checks for his treat too :)

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