Saturday, February 9, 2013


Having 5 kids that don't seem to be able to get their teeth clean, you log a lot of time at the dentists office. And the orthodontist.

Ours both  happens to be in the same office. They rotate days & times. When I say we log a lot of time there, I mean ALOT.

Dentist appointments every 6 months & orthodontist appointments once a month. Ugh.

Today was Connors turn to go and get some dental work done.

All the hygenists are in love with my cutie.Telling me how tough he is but also how sweet. Of course they all want his eye lashes! Heck, so do I!

His appointment was a little less than two hours long, and he BEGGED me to let him stay home from school. Being the mean Mom that I am, I said no.

I did promise a milkshake for lunch as he can't chew at all. The flavor he wanted was out.

He is  not happy with me. Afraid he will never be able to eat real food again.

Right now, he is sucking chicken noodle soup through a straw. He is not a happy camper. And telling him that he will look so handsome in the future is not getting me any points.

Poor baby. I hate seeing him in pain. Even though I know it will only last a couple of days. I can't, and don't want to see him go through some real pain.

Boy, being a Mom is tough.

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