Saturday, February 16, 2013


Every other Friday, the stars all align and I have 3 whole hours to myself.

 It is blissful. I can use that time to do anything. Anything. Get my hair cut, go shopping, read a book, go back to bed...anything.

However, yesterday I did something that wasn't that exciting. Necessary but boring.

**I want to give a disclaimer because, I know absolutely NOTHING about cars. I know you have to fill it with gas and get the oil changed. anything else...yeah nothing. However, being a military wife, my husband is gone a lot. So I am the one that is responsible for my car.**

So yesterday, after I cleaned out my car, I headed to my local drive in oil change place. I love it there because:

1. They send me emails when I need to come in.
2. They send coupons for $10 off on a regular basis
3. It is a drive thru. I can stay in my car and not have to go into some stinky waiting room. I am sorry, but I don't like the smell of tires & oil. Sue me.
4. It is a drive thru. If I have kids with me, I don't have to take them inside.
5. They have a frequent shopper card. 6 oil changes and you get a free one.
6. Free drinks
7. Free wi-fi
8. It is fast
9. They are friendly
10. It is convenient

The $46.99 was my free oil change!

They make it easy to take care of my "other baby".

After that, I used a handy dandy app to find the cheapest price of gas in my area and filled up. Then it was off to the car wash.

On my schedule of household tasks, every other Friday is my "car day". Where I clean out my car and any other tasks that are necessary. It works for me to have a set day because we spend a lot of time in our car...also known as "ERM" :)

So ladies, while taking care of your car may not be exactly the most fun, it is something that you can and need to do. Just remember if, you are asked to buy something, that you aren't sure you need, it is ok to say no! I always ask for a reminder card (showing what the service is and how much it costs) and then I take it to my husband.

Do you take care of your car? Does your significant other? Why or why not?

Ladies, while car care may not be the most exciting thing in the world to do, but it is really necessary. If you know how

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