Sunday, February 17, 2013

Staples good deal alert

***I am not a deal blogger. I am really not. But I have so many people ask for help that I have found myself doing it a little bit more often. So here is a deal others might be interested in...

**In order to get your Staples Rewards, you have to have the Staples card. It is free, just like any other store card. When something qualifies for "Staples Rewards" that money goes directly back to your Staples card. That way you can use that money IN THE STORE, for anything (like printer ink!!). If something is offered as "free after manufacturers rebate", that means you will get it as a check in the mail, that you deposit into your bank account.**

Staples is having a Presidents Day sale, and it has some nice little freebies to go with it. This is what I am doing...

In the ad, there is a coupon for a free pair of earbuds, when you purchase $25 or more. We go through ear buds like...water in our house, so this is a good freebie for me.

Here is my break down of how I am going to get there...

**A 5 ream case of paper is $4.99 after Staples rewards. You can do this twice. So you will pay almost $50 out of pocket. But you will get...

1 pair of ear buds
10 reams of paper(or you can just do 1)
and $40 back in Staples rewards. Staples Rewards can be used for anything in store!

But there are also a few other hot deals, you can get to get up to $25,
** 1 pkg of Bic-Matic mechanical pencils= pay $4.29 out of pocket (free after mail in rebate)
**2 pkgs of Staples photo paper= $14.99 each or $29.98 out of pocket
This will get you above the $25 so you can get the free earbuds as well!

Lysol disinfecting wipes are $3.99 each but you will get 100% back in Staples rewards. There is a limit of 3, so it would look like this...

3.99x3= $11.97 out of pocket and then you will get it all back in Staples rewards! Nice.

Lots of awesome deals! If you have any questions just ask!

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