Thursday, February 21, 2013

Growing up

Life changes so fast. Too fast for this Mama.

This year has been full of changes. Changes that remind me how fast my kids are growing up. Starting preschool, starting middle school, the last year at elementary school, the last year in middle school, different kids in different directions.

But none took my breath away, quite like getting this brought home from school.

Tonight I sat on some stinkin' hard bleachers, in a smelly high school gym, listening to counselors, principals, students etc. Listening to them talk about classes, and college prep.

My heart broke a little at the thought that my daughter is growing up.

It is a bitter  sweet time when I want to hold on to her for a little longer. Turn her back into my kindergartener with pig tails. Into the girl who loved Princesses, Barbies and anything pink.

But also wanting to let go, and let her turn into the woman she is supposed to be. Looking forward to where she is headed and what she is going to do.

What is a Mom to do? Sigh...

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