Monday, April 25, 2011

back fire

(totally DS'ed out!!)
When my kids became interested   obsessed... ADDICTED to video games, I decided to implement a rule. They hate it. Oh boy do they hate it!!

No video games on school nights. So Sunday-Thursdays are video game free at our house. Friday, when the kids get home from school, it's "hi Mom!!" run and put their backpacks away, video games go on and I don't see them again until bedtime.

They say no to offers to play outside with their friends, they eat dinner as fast as they can...they just become little zombies. Saturdays are basically a wash, rinse repeat of the previous day.

While I enjoy the quiet time it is just too much for one weekend. They beg and plead to be allowed to play during the week. So I am changing it up....

When morning chores are done ( bed made, dirty clothes picked up etc) they earn 15 minutes. If they don't do their morning jobs, there isn't a penalty, just no reward. Does that make sense?

Afternoon chores would equal another 15 minutes. Lunch bags put away, along with back packs, shoes put away...Again, no penalty if it isn't done, but no reward if it isn't.

If homework is completed by 4:30, they earn an extra 15. I have certain kids who like to do it 5 seconds before school starts :(, so this is extra incentive to get that homework done!!

Evening chores, earn another 15 minutes to be used the following day. If everything has been done, it gives them an hour a day to play. With the days being longer, this still gives them plenty of time to play out in the sunshine!

Saturdays' are our big chore days. No work = no video games. This day is not an optional day. You do your work with a smile. However instead of playing all day...they are only allowed to play during Mason's nap time. This does double duty.
1) they aren't upstairs being really loud not allowing Mason to sleep
2) when all kids are preoccupied, I can take a nap, or clip coupons...or whatever I want (:

What about you? Do you have rules about video games? I would love to hear how other people deal with this issue!! Rules or a free for all?

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