Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day

(My cute kiddos hanging out on nice GREEN grass)

(reusable lunch containers)

I am not very green. I try. But I have been known to not recycle my pop cans, forget my reusable bags (in the car no less) leave my a/c running...OK maybe I don't try very hard. *gulp*

However, it is amazing how being frugal/saving money is very similar to the ideas given for being green. We have all heard the 3 R's right? Reduce, Reuse, Recyle. So here we go...

How do we save money on our bills? Reduce our usage right? Turn your lights off when not in use. Don't leave your water running....or your a/c or heat if not needed. Save money and be green!

Next...reuse. My Sunday papers come in plastic bags. So instead of just tossing them, I reuse them for Mason's poopy diapers. Reuse water bottles. Use containers for lunches instead of plastic bags. Just because you get them cheap with coupons doesn't mean you need to use a box in a day right? Use your reusable bags at the grocery store.

And of course, recycle. If you can't find something to do with that leftover pizza box, put it in the recycling instead of the trash. Recycle your pop cans (get the money back and use it towards your groceries).

Are you GREEN? What do you do to save money but also helps the planet?

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