Tuesday, April 26, 2011

speechless at Ralphs

With Ralphs having strawberries for .88 a pint, I have been going in and getting lots!

They are HUGE, sweet and ADDICTING!

So while I was there I had a few other things I wanted to grab....

One item was free Crest toothpaste. Crest was on sale 10/$10. I had 9 coupons that were .50/1 that were doubled to a dollar. Nice right? Well while I was perusing my choices, an elderly lady walked down the aisle. She stopped in front of the toothpaste. I offered her one of my coupons and she politely declined. And then...she bought a tube of toothpaste that was ON SALE for $4.49!!! But you know what? She grabbed TWO!! Ugh, it made my stomach churn.

I can handle someone not accepting a coupon but paying that much for toothpaste? My Easter ham didn't even cost that much!!! I hope she has a good retirement fund. Whew!

As for me, all those groceries you see above? $29. Nine of those dollars was for the ham!! Which was normally $20 something.

4 bags of Lays potato chips
9 tubes of Crest
2 bottles of Tropicana oj
3 pouches of Idahoan potatoes
2 containers of sour cream
4 pints of strawberries
1 bunch of bananas
1 bag of seedless purple grapes
2 Propel zeros
8 boxes of Pasta Roni
and that big ol' ham!!

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