Monday, April 11, 2011

Keepin' Up with the Jones' style

We have all heard of keeping up with the Jones's right?

The Jones have a nice house, so you buy a nicer house. They have a nice car, so you buy a nicer car. They have a nice tv, so you buy a nicer tv.

But maybe, it isn't even a high ticket item. Maybe it is, something small like going out to eat, going to a movie, taking a vacation...or someone else's good deal.

*If she has 20 free bottles of laundry soap, than I want 40*
*If she only saved 10% on her bill, then I want to save 100%*

If you are brand new at couponing, (or saving money in general) you might look at others and feel you aren't saving enough, compared to them. Don't do it!!

Remember that:
1. We all have different budgets (some may have $20 a week for groceries and some may have $200)
2. We all have different wants/needs.
3. We all have different family members with different tastes.
4. We all have different schedules (maybe you can only shop 1 day a week, where someone else can shop every day!)
5. We all have other obligations besides our groceries. LOL It's true though. Some work outside the home. Some don't. Some volunteer. Some don't. Some have babies still at home. Some don't.
6. We all have different grocery stores, with different coupon policies.

I guess what I am trying to say is, don't compare your savings with someone else's. Be proud whether you saved $1 or $100. Who wants to keep up with the Jones's anyway?!

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