Saturday, April 23, 2011

Game on!

Ever since Harmony was a little girl, every time the holiday ads would come out, she would look through them for hours. She would take a stack of them everywhere she went. By the time I was able to throw them out, they were in sad shape.

And now, years later, all my kids are doing it. They love that I get more than one Sunday paper so that they can each have their own copy!

Well I look at a lot of ads and can I just tell you, I don't remember Easter baskets being that big of a deal. Is that just me? From what I remember, we got a new Sunday outfit and a basket of candy.

Now it's crazy how much stuff they have!

This is a long story short but, my whole point is, I loved getting toy coupons in the paper the other day!! Coupons with a great sale is the perfect score right?

Target had a variety of different games on sale that matched up.

My other favorite was the coupon for $5/1 Littlest Pet Shop Blythe doll. These were $10 minus the coupon. Netting a $5 LPS. Even though my daughter is almost 12 she still loves 'em.

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