Thursday, April 14, 2011


Three dollars and 50 cents. Not a lot of money right?

I had 2 catalinas worth $3.50 that expired on Tuesday. I had forgotten about them until about 9:00pm. I was tired. It had been a long day. But I kept thinking, if someone handed me $3.50 would I just throw it away?

Heck no. And as if I hadn't learned from my Walgreens experience about letting catalinas expire right?

So I headed out I even need to say it anymore? Vons. I kept debating on what I wanted to get, something practical that we needed ( a gallon of milk? grapes?bread?) or something indulgent. I battled back and forth between my newest favorite ice cream flavor and practicalitty.

And being practical won out. I had a coupon for $5/1 Pediasure Sidekicks. These are insanely expensive but were on sale at $6.49 I could handle that. I also bought 3 Hallmark cards and got $2 off. The last thing I bought was a vanilla milk. It wasn't that great or indulgent but...whatever.

I did end up paying .75 but I think I did pretty well considering (:

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