Tuesday, March 22, 2011

sniff sniff

sorry for the upside down picture!

Pass the tissues please, you are about to see some water works!!

What would you do if someone gave you $40? Spend it, put it in the bank...but you wouldn't THROW it away right?

Coupons are money, plain and simple. Ok, ok they are not change or bills but...when you use a coupon, say for $1 off, it is like having someone give you a dollar to use on your grocery bill.

I have been feeling off of my game for awhile. Maybe because I have a table piled high with coupons waiting to be filed. But anyway, I have an accordian style coupon file for my catalinas, register rewards etc. It has been hanging out in my car for awhile. Knowing I had some rewards that needed to be used, I went to get it.

$40 worth of Walgreens rewards...EXPIRED. Ugh, it was like a punch in the stomach. The tears haven't fallen yet but I am on the verge. So take this as a word of caution, DON'T LET YOUR REWARDS  EXPIRE! IT IS LITERALLY THROWING MONEY AWAY!

Whew glad I got that out. Now I have to work on getting some more...


Brown Family said...

I feel your pain, maybe not $40 worth, but letting those rewards expire is sickening. Once I lost a $5 RR seriously from leaving the store to the car. I threw trash away in the parking lot so I thought it accidently was thrown away, so I sent my son in the garbage can to find it. No luck. :) So frusterating. Don't be so hard on yourself, Marie, you have TONS on your plate!

Chris said...
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heidigoseek said...

mine expire tomorrow. so sorry hon. that must be a punch to the gut.

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