Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Party time!!

Have you seen the new Philly Cooking Creme?

I was excited to be chosen to host a Philadelphia Cooking Creme house party! I got a box full of note pads, wooden spoons, magnets, hot pad, a nonstick pan and of course... COUPONS.

I have to be honest and say that I have only tried one of the far! I tried the garlic and herb and LOVED it.

I love that not only can you cook with this, but because of it's texture, it is easy to spread. Making it a great addition to wraps, crackers, bagels...

Would you like to try this yummy "cream cheese"?

I have 2 free item coupons to give away! So in order to be entered you need to do the following:

**leave me a comment letting me know you want to be entered**

How hard is that? Not very right? So comment away. Tonight is busy for me so I am giving 48 hours to enter!


Susan said...

Yes, please! Sounds good. Our favorite kind of cream cheese is the Lucerne mixed berry spread you buy in tubs at Safeway. YUM!

Rebecca said...

Yes, enter me please! I am looking forward towards trying some!

Lisa said...

ME! ME! ME! Pick me! :) Sounds delicious!
Hi Marie! :)

Nicole said...

I've been watching recipe videos for this on swagbucks, it looks awesome!

Beth said...

I have totally been wanting to try that! Let me know what you think of the other flavors! And please enter me!!

Larilyn said...

I am up for trying something new! Enter me please!! =)

Laci said...

I would like to enter!!! Thanks, Marie :)

heidigoseek said...

i have to say no to this one. i have 12 (don't ask) cartons of the stuff in my fridge. w amazing coupons they were 50 cents each. free cookbook with purchase of 4. you know how the story goes... it's good stuff.

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