Thursday, March 24, 2011

only half?

I have never claimed to be a coupon QUEEN. Why? Because I am not that good yet (: Royalty maybe, queen? Hmmm, not quite.

When people tell me of their coupon victories, they usually add something along the lines of, " well I only saved x amount of dollars" or " I know others do better, but I was happy with my savings".

Watching shows like Extreme Couponer or blogs of actual QUEENS can sometimes leave us feeling like if we pay more than  $1 for our groceries we aren't as good. Always comparing ourselves to others right?

I say any savings is a good savings.

Last night, I headed to Vons. They had a lot of deals but I only had coupons for SOME of the items. Most were in store coupons. My total before coupons and card was $312.10. My eyes bulged. I was scared. I didn't think it would go under $200.

My final total was $165.xx Was it the score of the century? No. Will it make the news? no. Will my kids appreciate having food on the table? You bet. In all I saved "just" 51%. But you know what, any savings is a good savings!

Oh and guess what?! Last night I had a dream that "my Vons" closed down and put in a no-name grocery store. What the heck, who dreams about their favorite store? Must be a crazy couponer! (:

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