Saturday, March 12, 2011

Did I mention...

that Vons is like my 2nd home? I know the cashiers, what shifts they work, they know my son, they know me as the Coupon lady.

What can I say, I am there a lot. This week I snuck into CVS before Vons. My total before coupons was OUTRAGEOUS. Not lying, it was over $100. After she took off coupons, ECB's and everything else I paid $46. Then I recieved $16 in ECB's back. It was a great trip and I was really happy.

Then one last trip to Vons for their killer freezer sales.

(Ivan insisted on getting in the picture also!)

Connor (one of my 9 yr olds and no I don't have twins lol) volunteered to make my grocery tower. As you can well see, his are much more complex than mine!

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