Monday, March 21, 2011

"Uhm, Mom..."

This cute girl asked me,"Uhm Mom, when are you going grocery shopping again? There isn't anything good to eat."

What the heck? Every single corner of our house is filled with some sort of food. From cans of soup to crackers to spaghetti sauce. Boxes of cereal, granola bars, ice cream...need I go on?

Well the fact is, my kids are used to having new things in the house every other day!! So the fact that I haven't grocery shopped for 2 weeks is like torture to them! I have a big list for Vons this week, so I am sure they will love me again. (:

Seriously, one of the perks of couponing, especially for kids, is being able to try new things. What is your favorite perk about couponing?

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