Thursday, March 10, 2011


Yesterday I did something that I don't normally do...

I went to the store and didn't use a coupon. Yikes.

However all I got was

4 lbs. of strawberries these were on sale 2/$3 (Have I ever mentioned I love living in CA?! Awesome produce prices)
 1 bunch of bananas
2 gallons of milk...
and ok I admit it, 2 doughnuts.

Tonight  is my first couponing class. I am totally excited and yet nervous. I hope I do ok.

All those who go, get a special little somethin' somethin' so I am excited!!! If I have any left, maybe I will have to do a few giveaway envelopes!

So even though I didn't use a single coupon the other day, my friend Leslie did!! This is a picture of her groceries and her cute kids who are wondering why they are getting their picture taken with groceries. LOL
Before coupons her total was $166.18 and after $62.67!! That is more than a $100 savings! You are awesome! Not sure why it is fuzzy, sorry!!!

***Do you want to be featured as a Sweet Success Story (or SSS?) take a picture of your shopping trip, email it to me, or let me steal it off of facebook (: telling me your before and after. You can do it as many times as you would like. In my *humble* opinion any trip is a good trip and we all like to see others good deals! ***

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