Friday, March 11, 2011

How does your garden grow?

When I was a freshman in high school, I needed to take an elective. My Mom signed me up for horticulture.
My first question was of course...

     What the heck is horticulture?!

Well I can now tell you that it is the study of plants. So while I wasn't the only girl in the class, I was one of the only ones willing to get my hands dirty.

However, whatever I learned in that class has officially flown out the window. Luckily for me, every year my husband sets up a garden, plants seeds and maintains it. I just got to enjoy the fruits of HIS labors.

With him being gone this all falls to me. Yikes. But I really, really want to try. Living in So. Cal our climate is perfect for growing. Hopefully, my thumb will be green again! Do you garden to stretch your budget? Any ideas or tips for me?

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Susan said...

I know why you can't remember what you learned in horticulture - it's because you probably didn't learn anything at all! It was one of those bonehead classes that everyone took for the easy A. All I remember about it is throwing pots at each other in the greenhouse!

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