Wednesday, April 13, 2011


the cute little cavity culprit!

Yesterday I logged quite a few hours at the dentists office. I try to get all my kids back to back appts. It makes for a loooong day but then it is done for 6 months right?

I ended up having 2 kids with appts in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. Yep looong day.

3/4 of my kids had zero cavities! Nice right? However that one child, had one cavity. However, the process to fix it is involved. $342 involved. Ugh.

So in true money saving form, here is the run down...
co-pay: $0
5 toothbrushes:$0
5 floss pkgs: $0
5 kids toothpastes:$0
before insurance price: $900
after insurance price: $342

Yeah guess where all my coupon savings for the month will be going? Ugh.

The kids next appt is in October. I told the kids that if they have a cavity free appt. they can each pick out a new video game. 4 video games x $30-$50 = a lot less than $342

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