Thursday, August 19, 2010

12 days

In 12 days, my 4 oldest darlings are headed back to school. They have been out since May 15th. It has been a long, long summer for all of us. I know they are just about as excited as I am to go back!

I have always made my kid's lunches to save money. If you have made a kids' school lunch for over a week, you know that sandwiches get old fast. So when my sister called me to tell me about this book, I looked for it and was happy to find it.

It has tons of great ideas for back to school recipes. I am excited to go through this book. It has quick and easy meals but also great tips, including recipes for freezing.

If you have two upc codes from Ziploc products, you can go their site and get a downloadable version. If you don't have any, email me. I have lots of their products!

I plan to make one recipe a week out of this book and share. If you get it and make a recipe, let me know what you think!


Susan said...

Okay, funny enough, this isn't the booklet I was talking about. Mine's called Easy Back to School Meals and has a picture of a spaghetti casserole on the front. Yours looks good, though. Is there a form to print out? Do you have to have store receipts, too, or just UPCs?

Marie said...

Seriously? That is too funny!No this is no form, no reciepts. Just go to Taste of Home and enter the upc's. Easy!

Susan said...

Okay, I didn't realize the booklet was all online. I downloaded it and it does have some good recipes. I think the fruit salad is the first thing I'm going to try.

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