Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cherry Pickin'

When you begin using coupons, you want to get every good deal there is and build up your stockpiles.

Since we moved here in June, that is what I have been doing. Getting everything that I felt was a good value for the money.

This weekend, as I got busy scouring my grocery ads, one word came to mind: dissapointment!

There is just nothing that SCREAMS, pick me up and take me home!! LOL

At most I have 5 items in each store.

So all of my meals this week will be made from items in my pantry & freezers.

When you stock up and build your own stockpiles, you will get to this point also. It is referred to as "cherry picking". Because you are able to just pick the deals you want.

If you are just starting out on your coupon journey, keep building up your stockpiles. You will get to this point too.

If you have been at it for awhile, I encourage you to eat out of your stockpiles! Pull things from your pantry, or freezer. Try a new recipe. Use those bargains!

I will be sharing my menu later today.

** Make sure to get more than one newspaper today! There is only one small insert but it does have some good coupons. You always want more than one, in case of a good BOGO sale!

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