Saturday, August 14, 2010

This is why I stockpile...

(the cute boy who made me scream when I saw his mess in the bathroom)

(grumpy, teething baby)

What a looooong afternoon and evening! My nephew babysat while I went to Vons. An awesome trip, by the way. When I got home, he volunteered to make his "famous" fried chicken. Shopping and not having to cook? Booyah!

Then the baby was CRABBY. He has a tooth coming in and is not sleeping well. Grumpy baby = grumpy Mommy right?

Then my nephew, accidentally hit the handle of the frying pan, sending hot oil all over his hand.

I made a quick dinner and started baths.

Then my 5 yr old had diahreah. It was so bad, that he didn't make it to the toilet. It was EVERYWHERE. Of course I let him use my bathroom which I had just mopped. He also walks downstairs to come and tell me what happened and leaves a trail of poop all along the carpet. The light brown carpet.

But thanks to my stockpiles...
I had tylenol to give to my crabby baby.

I had Johnson & Johnson first aid kits thanks to the $3 off coupon. I was able to treat his burn easily.

I had lots of food to throw dinner together when the dinner plans didn't work out.

I had lots of paper towels, cleaning spray, air freshners, hand sanitizers, carpet cleaner, carpet deodarizing spray, and laundry detergent.

And of course chocolate for after the kids went to bed!

Thank you my lovely stockpiles (:

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