Monday, August 9, 2010

A Success Story

My friend Angie, posted this on my facebook today. She used to be my neighbor when we were both living in Virginia. She is a fabulous Mom of six kids, her husband just recently retired from the Navy. I am so glad that she has found inspiration from my postings. It makes me want to do A LOT more. Thanks Angie! (:

"Marie, I just wanted to say thanks for you postings recently about coupons. You've encouraged me to go and look for deals again this week. Albertsons have been doing a kelloggs deal this week. Buy 10 boxes of cereal/pop tarts etc, get $10 off at checkout and then get a $10 catalina. So 10 boxes of whatever for $1 a pie...ce! Then we found a coupon that said free gallon of milk for every 5 boxes of kelloggs cereal you buy and it gave overage. Hillshire farm deal of buy 4 sausage for $10 and get $3 off instantly at checkout. So we've made a few trips, but tonight Mike got 10 boxes of cereal, 2 gallons of milk and 4 kielbasa sausage for $16 and we got another $10 catalina back! Keep posting about your deals! Its really encouraging."

Go Angie!

My friend Jessica also shared a success story with me also.I will post that one next time!

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