Thursday, August 19, 2010

Product Review-Nature Valley Granola Thins

(all messy!)

Have you tried these yet?

Well, let me say this.

Never, Never would I pay full price for these.

Ralphs had these on sale for $1.49. I had a coupon for .50/1 that was doubled. So I didn't mind paying .50 each. However the full price of $1.99. Nope.

In the box, are 10 individually wrapped graham crackers with either dark chocolate or pb, spread on the back. My store didn't have the chocolate kind, but my kiddos love peanut butter, so it worked for us.

**I would just like to say that this was the MESSIEST snack ever. I wouldn't give it to my kids anywhere else but the kitchen. Not school, church, in the car etc.

**This wasn't anywhere near the size of a graham cracker. They were very small.

**They did taste really good though.

I have a HARD time paying full price for items like this. I can smear pb on a graham cracker and do it for less. So unless you can get these for .50 or under...I wouldn't waste my money.

Convenience factor: 1 star
kid friendly: half a star (loved the taste but sooo messy)
value for the money:0 stars
taste:1 star
Total:2.5/4 stars

Have you tried these? What did you/your kids think?


Laci said...

I got these awhile back (but paid full price, just b/c i was so curious and it was dark i really got it as a snack for me!!!) They tasted good, but DEFINITELY too melty and messy. They really need to make it so the chocolate (or peanut butter in your case) is harder. I ended up putting them in the fridge and it wasn't quite as messy...just a tip.

Marie said...

I totally agree about finding a way to make them harder. Mason had them EVERYWHERE. All the kids have really liked them . I just don't want to pay full price. (:

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