Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What's for Lunch?

(My youngest son had a mini bagel with cream cheese and turkey. He loves cheese so I cut out one in the shape of a ghost and one as a witch's profile)
(One of my boys' lunches. His was pretty similar to my daughters. His cheese on the kabobs were stars but you can't tell! I also added some Halloween shaped pretzels.)

(My daughters lunch! She has sausage and cheese kabobs, mandarin oranges & raspberries, almonds and banana chips,candy corn and 2 pieces of candy corn salt water taffy. I also added one more piece of cheese for her)

I just found the CUTEST site for bento lunches. Oh my heavens, so much information and good ideas.
Every Wednesday, she hosts What's in Your Lunch? where you can share yours/your childs bentos.

So I have decided to join in the fun!

I call my lunches, "bento-ish" because compared to the others that link up, mine look like my 15 month old made it. lol But you can't get better unless you keep trying right? Anyway, here are my kiddo's lunches for the day.

**My daughter is much more willing to try things than my boys!**
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**** If you would like to participate or just want to look at some great ideas, you can head over to Bento Lunch


Beth said...

I LOVE it!! When my kids head back to school (in 2 weeks) I am going to try making them!!

Marie said...

They are seriously sooo fun! (: Be warned though, they take more time than just throwing something together. It took me a lot longer to make lunches today then I had planned! (:

Shannon said...

Love it! And welcome! I find them a lot of fun to make and well, the kids need to eat anyhow! You'll pick up time as you get used to doing them. :o)

Brown Family said...

Very cute! I am not going to guarantee making these, but I know the kids would love it if I did. It is already such a chaotic place and in the morning. I don't know where I would find the time. Heaven forbid I lose any more sleep. ;)

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