Monday, October 4, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

When it comes to menu planning, the best place to start is in our own house right?

Because I coupon, my pantry, freezers etc. are all full. So here is my nice budget friendly (using what I already have!!) menu for this week:


B-fast: muffins & smoothies

Dinner: chicken pot pie, fruit salad


B-fast: breakfast sandwiches, juice

Dinner: roast, potatoes, carrots, green salad, rolls


B-fast: cereal, leftover muffins

Dinner: tacos, spanish rice, corn


B-fast:leftovers or cereal

Dinner: baked ziti, green beans, leftover rolls


B-fast: cinnamon rolls, scrambeled eggs

Dinner: soup & sandwiches


B-fast: egg, ham, potato breakfast casserole

L: we are headed to the zoo so we are going to have a picnic! Sub sandwiches, chips, fruit, choc. chip cookies, drink

Dinner: probably leftovers or something easy since we will be gone during the day!

What do you have on the menu for this week? If you need inspiration, head on over to

Org Junkie to look at HUNDREDS of menus!


Keli said...

yum! Chicken pot pie would hit the spot right about now. :)

Marie said...

I even have one for the freezer for another time!

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