Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Homemaker Monday

Weather in my neck of the woods: Sunny and warm! The morning was a touch chilly but it's warming up!

Things that make me happy: having a wi-fi connection!!! I have been having tech problems all weekend!

Book I am reading: Big sigh, I haven't read anything for a while. Any good recomendations?

What is on my tv today: My husband is home, so there is HGTV, Planet Green and ESPN

On the menu for dinner tonight: Beefaroni, rolls, salad

On my to do list: filing coupons, dishes and folding laundry

New Recipe I want to try soon or have tried: I have been so busy this week, and have had no internet connection so...yeah nothing. I am so lame today! (:

In the craft basket: Halloween trick or treat bags. You can seem them here

Looking forward to this week: Taking our kiddo's to Legoland!!

Tips & Tricks: I hate paying for juice boxes in my kids lunch boxes. They are expensive and not that nutritious. So my kids have water M-Th, and they get to have a juice box on Fridays. It helps me save money, and makes sure my kids get enough water!

My favorite blog post this week:

A new blog I have discovered: OK yeah no internet connection. It has been a sad week!

No words needed: My husband asleep with the remote grasped FIRMLY in his hand lol

Lessons learned in the past few days: put yourself out there a little more. Learn to trust in others, and not rely soley on yourself.

On my mind:my cute little Connor-bub! He is headed to a specialist today and I am hoping that things turn out ok!

Devotionals, thoughts, scriptures: "Search dilligently, pray always and be believing and all things shall work together for your good."
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Anonymous said...
have a wonderful monday. Can i come over for dinner ? LOL
sounds good. but seriously enjoy the time with the family.
we are airforce - so enjoying time together as a family today to.

Marie said...

Sure! We love having people over! (: Thanks for stopping by!

Sandra said...

I enjoyed reading your HHM entry and I apologize for coming by so late, just been super busy :)

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

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