Friday, October 1, 2010

Homework boxes

I would like to apologize now for the high quality pictures in this post! LOL

Every afternoon, my kids groan when I announce that it is homework time! Then the questions begin...

**Where is my pencil? This one isn't sharpened!

**Who took the glue stick? I need it for my project.

**Mom, I can't find my crayons!

Does this happen to you?

I took some unused rectangle Ziploc containers and turned them into homework boxes.

Each school age child has their own.

For my 3 boys, who are in Elementary school, there boxes include:pencils, crayons, glue stick, scissors, eraser, pencil sharpener.

My daughter requires a bit more. Hers includes all the same items as the boys and a calculator, ruler, highlighters, pens and extra paper.

They are all labeled with each child's name so they can grab their own box.

It has made homework time much less painful (: At least for me!

It is also nice for when Dad is in charge and may not know where something is!


Susan said...

That's an excellent idea. I just may have to steal it!

Julie said...

I did this for our school table... each girl has a basket with their names embroidered on it... and it has made our school days run a lot smoother! Not to mention that pencils/crayons/etc. aren't just thrown all over the place! ;)

Marie said...

Julie yours sound much cuter than mine! (:

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