Saturday, October 2, 2010

Beyblade-Let it Rip!

How cute is that sticker? I got to host my first HOUSE PARTY! House Party is a great company that provides you with everything you need to have a great party. Different companies provide the "goods" and you get to host. Fun Fun!

I have signed up for a few but didn't get them. So I was ECSTATIC to be chosen to host a Beyblade-Let it Rip party. All goodies were provided by Hasboro and House Party.

We were so excited when our box came full of fun toys, posters, cd's...too bad we had to wait a while!

The kids had a great time racing their Beyblade tops and having a competition! It was so cute to hear them say "1,2,3 Let it Rip!" and then letting them go. We were provided with a black plastic stadium and they competed against each other. We were verrrry relaxed about it so no one got to upset! (:

It was a fun day and I can see a lot more Beyblade races in our future!

Thanks to Hasboro for the fun toys!

**Because I forgot to ask parent's permission to post photos, you are stuck with pictures of my kids. But they are cute so it is all good!**

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