Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What's for Lunch?

Harmony had pasta salad, strawberries, chicken and a string cheese. We added a few more things later!
Ethan had bacon, ranch pasta salad, strawberries and chunks of chicken in his lunch.

Connors snack box had strawberries w/ a jack o lantern tooth pick, mini choc. chip muffins, 3 cheese kabobs with owl toothpicks.

Ivan (aka Mr. Kindergarten) had a Lego guy shaped honey and pb sandwich, with a skull head, Halloween shaped cheese and pretzels. This was his snack box.

I missed last week, but I didn't really do anything all that exciting! Can I just tell you that people are AMAZING when it comes to Bentos? I am so impressed by people's ideas and creativity.

My kids lunches are certainly not works of art...but they are works of the HEART. Awww! In all honesty, it is so fun. I am learning as I go and hopefully, before my kids are in college, they will have some cute lunches!

Anyway, this is what was for lunch at our house!

For more FABULOUS bento ideas head over to What's For Lunch!


Keli said...

So cute!! I love the cheese :)

Marie said...

Oh thanks Keli! They are fun & easy to do!

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