Sunday, October 17, 2010

Halloween front porch

My front door with it's Velcome mat (:
Each side has 2 pumpkins and a pot of fake flowers.

(I have two of those metal signs, one on each side. My son Ethan loves the Witche's To Do List!)

Uhm yeah, thanks to the wind you can't really see my banner.I tried I swear!)

(My Happy Halloween banner was blowing around all over!)

Hmmm, so I am not sure about my Halloween front door decorations this year.

Our house is situated in kind of a funny area and so most people don't even see it.

I never keep anything the same from year to year, so I am sure it will be completely different next year!


Keli said...

very nice! I'd love some scarecrows for our porch. We just have some pumpkins and an Fall wreath on the door. :)

Susan said...

I think it's super cute. I love the Velcome sign - that's hilarious.

Susan said...

Um, I meant Velcome mat.

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