Wednesday, October 13, 2010

holiday movies

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We are big movie watchers in this house!!

Every Friday night, our family picks a movie, makes popcorn, gets blankets, pillows and snuggles.

It is so nice at the end of a long week to have some down time.

During the different holidays, we like to buy a few more to add to our collection. However...

We put them away with the decorations!

So every year, not only are my kids excited to see decorations, but they love being able to watch some old/new favorite movies.

Last Friday, I bought a favorite from when I was little...BLACKBEARDS GHOST. The kiddos loved it!

Some of our other favorite Halloween (or "scary")movies:

**Wallace and Grommitt Curse of the WereRabbit

**It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

**Hocus Pocus

**The Haunted Mansion


**my daughter loves the Halloweentown series

** any Scooby Doo (:

**Alvin & The Chipmunks Halloween movies

**Garfields Halloween special

** Blackbeards Ghost

Do you have any favorite movies that you watch to get in the MOOD for Halloween?


Beth said...

I love all your suggestions! I personally love watching the Harry Potter movies around Halloween. (Okay...I like to watch them anytime!)

Arkansas Bartholomews said...

I really enjoyed the curse of the were-rabbit. That was one we saw in the theater. =)

Don't really like most Halloween films. Have you run into My Neighbor Totoro? I like that one. Also, thought maybe a bit boring for kids, 1776. Is centered on the writing of the declaration of independence. The characters blaspheme a fair bit though, so be warned.


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